Where is Kong hiding himself?

Bun cha (pork with rice noodles) which was fulfilled the happiness of Mr. Barack Obama

Which is the best street food tour in Hanoi?

Vietnam is a food lover’s paradise, with countless tasty and affordable options, but the sheer amount of things and places to eat, especially in the big cities, can be overwhelming. Hanoi was the culinary highlight for me and a tour with a local guide is the perfect way to sample a wide selection in a […]

Boats touring Halong Bay. © Matt Munro / Lonely Planet

Visiting Halong Bay: tips to plan your trip

The World Heritage seascape of Halong Bay, dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles, is one of Vietnam’s biggest attractions. The most popular way to experience the bay is on a cruise, andunsurprisingly every travel agency and hotel in Hanoi has tours to sell.

A street vendor happily poses for a photograph. The best experience with locals are further away from the tourist areas.

Why I love Vietnam


Trekking Tips & Sapa Homestay: The mud trail to Tavaan

Entering the village of Ta’van, you begin to see more white faces. Ta’van is known for it’s wealth of homestays which populate the village. The homestays are community run and helps the village to sustain a livelihood.

Sapa when welcoming the spring!

All you need to know about Sapa for a dramatic scenery trip

There will always be places that get under your skin. Places that you’ll remember and feel like some day you’d like to return. Sapa Valley is one of those places for me.